High Performer Tip #10 – Habits of the Mentally STRONG

January 15th, 2014|Categories: Tips|

Flex your mental muscle. The higher your mental toughness, the more likely you are to bounce back when faced with a challenge. When adversity comes knocking, how do you handle it? Build your STRENGTH to SUCCEED. Habits of the Mentally STRONG 1. Control what you can CONTROL Those who have the greatest mental strength recognize that there is no use in putting energy into those things we cannot control. Is the traffic really bad today? Is it raining outside? The mentally tough look at this challenge and say “there’s nothing [...]

High Performer Tip #9 – Winners Get RESULTS

January 7th, 2014|Categories: Tips|

Performance is based on RESULTS, not effort. Above all else, what you produce will define your career. Are you getting the RESULTS from yourself and your team? Keys to Getting Results   Identify Your RESULT BIAS A person with low result bias values the journey more than the outcome, while a person with medium result bias values the journey and outcome equally. They tend to be relatively low to average performers. Alternatively, a person with high result bias recognizes the result is important, yet the journey is fun, too. One [...]

High Performer Tip #8 – Brand Yourself for Success

January 1st, 2014|Categories: Tips|

Brand Yourself. Only approximately 16% of people have a professional brand, and fewer than 5% embody it. In order to SELL YOURSELF, you must first define your own brand! 3 Tips to Brand Yourself for Success   UNDERSTAND the Professional Brand Definition A Professional Brand is an individual’s promise to consistently provide a unique set of characteristics, advantages, and services to others. It representations your values, ideas, and personality. Your brand may include EDUCATION Level, COMPANY, or some other SET of Functional, Emotional, and Rational Associations and Benefits. Maintain CONSISTENCY [...]

High Performer Tip #7 – Lead With Power & Style

December 25th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Leaders have style. What’s yours? Personal style will dictate your ability to attract & retain teams, as well as your TEAM & PERSONAL RESULTS. Determine your style, determine your SUCCESS. 5 Tips to Develop a Winning Leadership Style that Works for You   AUTHORITARIAN Leadership When decisions need to be made quickly and limited input by team members is necessary, an Authoritarian Style may be useful. In this style, the leader keeps strict control over followers by policy & procedure. Best in crisis situations and with routine workforces. DEMOCRATIC Leadership [...]

High Performer Tip #6 – Ask & Listen to WIN

December 18th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Are you losing by not listening? Research shows that we only remember 25-50% of what we hear. To improve your listening skills, commit to asking the right questions. Listen to WIN. 3 Tips on Asking the Right Questions Gather More INFO & INTEL Asking for clarity is a sign of ACTIVE LISTENING. When speaking with a colleague or client, ask for definitions of descriptive words and explanations of specific jargon. By showing you do not yet understand, you show others you care about the message behind their words. Have a [...]

High Performer Tip #5 – Be a POWERFUL LEADER

December 11th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Leaders who truly seek to be the best and differentiate themselves understand that there are three critical components to POWER LEADERSHIP: Leading People, Managing Projects & COACHING Individuals. Do you know how to coach your team to success? 3 Tips to Becoming a GOOD Coach Look Beyond the Surface & See the POTENTIAL in Others When determining WHO to coach, first think about each of your team members’ POTENTIAL. Why potential? Because you want the best return on your investment in coaching. Patiently Teach, Develop, & Transfer YOUR KNOWLEDGE Because [...]


December 4th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

PRESENCE is KEY. Do your LEADERSHIP SKILLS differentiate you from the 60% of other leaders, who don't MAXIMIZE their PRESENCE? 4 Tips on MAXIMIZING your LEADERSHIP PRESENCE Be CLEAR, COMPELLING and CANDID Create a consistent view by being clear, compelling and candid in formal and informal meetings. Secondly, tell your story in an intuitively simple manner with a skillful approach. Remember, being clear and compelling makes you an influential force! Be PASSIONATE and POISED Exhibit passion and poise amongst your peers. Express commitment and drive in a motivating manner with [...]

High Performer Tip #3 – Communicate With Clarity

November 27th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Clear communication is effective communication. More than 80% of work time is spent on communicating, but is your delivery coming up short? 3 Tips on Communicating With Clarity Establish Limits Establish limits on date and timeframe, the points i.e. (Introduction, Middle, and Close), and lastly agree and reference. By establishing an agreement of what is clearly communicated and referencing from one to two sources, you can easily bring the conversation back to the main points. Anticipate Rejection Ask questions to prevent fear of rejection. People have the misconception that being [...]

High Performer Tip #2 – Power Brand Your LinkedIn Headline

November 20th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Headlines sell. But does your LinkedIn headline differentiate you and your brand or leave you muddled amongst the over 200 MILLION other profiles? 3 Tips to Power Branding Your LinkedIn Headline Make your name as UNIQUE as possible Mike Smith is not unique but Michael E. Smith, Jr or Michael E. Smith, CPA is. Use your complete and full name and consider adding any professional certifications if relevant. Remember you want people to find you easily! Make what you do CLEAR and DESCRIPTIVE Strategic Media Advisor is a clear and [...]

High Performer Tip #1 – Fool-Proof Your Listening Skills

November 13th, 2013|Categories: Tips|

Listening is easy, but it’s not fool-proofed. 45% of your communication is used for listening, but are you using them to your ADVANTAGE! 4 Tips on FOOLPROOFING your LISTENING SKILLS Take Notes Take notes either shorthand or longhand with quick references to refer later. Record the presentation with a recorder to boost your listening process and physically engage the brain, eyes and fingers. By taking the time to write notes, it sends a good message to your audience and a sign of respect! Count ONE Mississippi Delay slightly before you [...]